Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shaneia Who?

I've recently had an epiphany. I have discovered after thorough research that I am a HUGE fan of ABC Primetime. I never really thought I was much of a TV watcher but as it turns out I think I watch enough to be considered an expert on the subject. Although I am a fan of Discovery Channel and MSNBC, I really enjoy Primetime Dramas..and I have come upon the realization that ABC is my fave. Foregoing the obvious, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice I have recently become a fan of Big Shots, Eli Stone, Cashmere Mafia, Ugly Betty, and an occasional Supernanny. And that is a lot of television to enjoy on one evening network. I have even decided after three completed unwatched seasons to finally give Lost a chance. ABC Kids also hosts my Disney Faves - Suite Life of Zack & Cody, That's So Raven and Hannah Montana. So, it is with unwavering certainty that I am declaring ABC my favorite local network. And yes, I am aware that Oprah comes on WBAL, but did you know that Oprah's new reality show (premiering Sunday March 2nd), Oprah's Big Give, is debuting got it...ABC. Enough of the plugs (I should get paid for this)!

On my journey to this very pertinent discovery I purchased a new Ipod Nano. With my new purchase comes the ability to watch television whenever I so please and because of this new perk I decided to peruse the shows that Itunes has to offer...And I came across Samantha Who?. I've seen the previews for this show for months now and was never really interested in watching. Partly because I missed the pilot, (I am completely anal about watching something from the beginning and in chronological order if at all possible) and secondly because the show didn't seem to have anything that I thought would keep my interest. However, with my new toy and having seen most everything that Discovery had to offer I decided to give it a try. After all, it was on ABC.

It was almost perfect timing to be watching this show during the New Year change. The show follows a young successful business woman who seems to have it all prior to a life changing accident leaving her with amnesia. She had a successful career, a long-term relationship with what's supposed to be a stud and a group of superficial and ruthless chick friends. The three things that most young, career-minded women would agree are the points of a complete triangle in a well balanced life. The only problem is she learns after coming out of a coma that she doesn't really like the person that she has become. She is discovering that during her pursuit of these things she has completely lost sight of herself and the morals that she believed would always be important to her. She wakes up to a mother that she later learns she hasn't spoken to in years, and a best friend that she had in middle school that her mother assumes she still talks to. And there her journey begins. Samantha is forced to remember, re-evaluate and recreate a life that upholds the positives of what she has built and quickly modify to improve the person that she wants to be. Except...she has the benefit of not remembering how foul her mistakes have been. Without the lingering stink of past mistakes reminding us of our wrongful pasts, starting over can actually be a tangible silver lining.

While watching these first 9 episodes it hit me...Isn't this what we are all doing? All of us. Aren't we attempting to remember the good things that we have built and improve the things that we need to change? Aren't we continuously striving to be a benefit to ourselves, a blessing to others and a vessel for our maker? Samantha needed a wake up call. She needed an opportunity to step back and realize that although pursuing material gain she had completely strayed from being the REAL person (friend, daughter, girlfriend) that she should be. She gets a second chance to change. To be BETTER. At the end of the pilot episode Samantha realizes all those things - past hurts, bitternesses, losses that she was holding onto she no longer remembered and this was her real opportunity to do life over.

I know I am completely late for the New Year but I have shamelessly discovered that starting over is great! I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO START FROM SCRATCH! I dont mean to make new years resolutions, but to really look at myself and decide if this is the person (daughter, sister, friend) that I am intending and content to be. Although I can say that I am proud of my relationships and my roles in them I can also recognize (without the coma- Thank God) that there are some things that could stand improving. I want to continually work on being a better me, it's a NEVER ending process. One that can start today (or whatever day it was that I was watching the show). Be it January 1st or April 12th when your epiphany comes, take the opportunity to put the necessary changes in place to develop your new you. Eating right, not just to lose a few pounds, but because living healthy makes living last longer. Giving more, because people need, God commands us to and we can't take it with us anyway. Although I have always been a supporter of change, doing it is harder than talking about it. I am reminded that free will gives me the opportunity to do what I've been thinking or talking about at any given moment.

Learn from Samantha Who... Whether your changes need to be the company you keep, the amount you save or simply the foods you eat, there is no time like the present to make it happen. It is always a great day to get your affairs in order. Although it may take time for those changes to become permanent for you and your growth noticeable to others, you will have yourself one proud moment when they become apparent (right Wynter). Happy New Year.