Thursday, September 4, 2008

Keepin' It Real

I am a person who is real. What you see is what you get. It’s always been this way. So many people say this about themselves, but it holds true for only a fraction of these self-proclaimed realists. You’ve heard them – “I keep it real and I don’t do drama” BE CAREFUL…these individuals usually make up your rowdiest and most dedicated drama crew.

If there is something that I’m upset about or something I have to say I’m going to do just that. I’m not the kind of person who pretends that things are one way if they are indeed completely another. That to me is a characteristic that represents weakness. I guess my feeling is don’t bark at the wrong person or about the wrong thing. If you are upset bark at the right person…bark exactly what your thoughts are. You know what I’m talking about…those people who pretend that everything is ok to maintain a relationship or to seem politically correct. But every chance they get they have something to say about the person or thing that they are supposedly so “fine” with. That’s an insult. I will always be woman enough to say exactly what is on my mind. Exactly the way I want to say it. It ticks me off that someone has the audacity to take me for fool enough to not be able to read through to the root of their true implications. Always having an unkind word, always picking FOR SOMETHING. Never really having a reason but always blaming it on a joke. I would MUCH rather you NOT deal with me. If someone has a problem with who I am or the way I live my life call a spade a spade. It doesn’t mean that we have to become unbenefit or that there has to be drama but let’s be honest…it has the potential to lead there. I’m just saying be REAL enough to play the game of life real…on an even playing field. Let me know what’s really good. I deserve that and I promise I will always give you the same respect.

When I find out that you are the kind of person who will smile in my face and disrespect me behind my back or “on the sly/in the name of a joke” you are not someone that I am EVER going to associate with. Makes no difference of our relation - family, friend or foe. I appreciate someone who I know doesn't particularly care for me and is upfront about it more than a family member who proclaims to love me yet will talk behind my back. People are human and therefore fallible however don't confuse that with those who are just of bad character. There are specific actions that tell a persons character. The way in which something is said or done often shows intent. That intent is usually what is in a person’s heart. There is such a thing as coincidental occurrences or mistakes being made, but the truth is MOST of us were raised with enough discernment to know when someone really has malicious intent towards us. Unfortunately because we tend to be kind natured ourselves we try to turn other people’s unkind intent into mistakes/idiosyncracies. You know, “girl he/she don’t mean nothing…they just so crazy..” No…Usually that person is telling us who they are. And I am saying when a person tells you who they are through action…please listen. It is your obligation to yourself and to your well being to surround yourself with people of like moral value/content. Not like character, but like intent. I have plenty of friends who live their lives different than me, but their make-up, their value for life, integrity, thought processes all have value, some sort of value.

I pride myself on having the ability to get along with all types of people. Even these malicious people that I am speaking of. We are bound to run into them. There are enough of them to know that completely avoiding them is unrealistic. I’m not saying to instigate an altercation, I’m saying to make a clear effort to NOT incorporate them into your life. To NOT call them friend. When you see them there is no problem with being cordial, that is our duty to society and to each other (law of humanity). I am simply saying be kind to yourself and choose the people that you allow to be close to you carefully. Overlooking clear indications through action that some people willingly show is a common and detrimental mistake made by many and recovered by few. Be good to each other and most importantly to yourself.