Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stink Bug Blues

Today I survived invasion of the brown marmorated stink bugs. I spent the ENTIRE day fighting, swatting, jumping, shrieking and cleaning ferociously. I know..whose ever heard of a stink bug you ask? I'll tell you who, ME - that's who! I was getting ready to bust out an Insanity workout when I noticed some bugs around the ceiling molding. Low and behold...wouldn't you know - I pull out the sofa and they are behind there and along the baseboard in front of the patio! I had the patio door open and theres a hole in the screen... Apparently they saw a tiny welcome mat! I find out they are a "new" bug to North America indigenous to China and brought here to harass all agriculture and humans (not necessarily in that order either). After further online research, I discovered that they seek shelter when fall comes to hibernate during the cold winters. Except if it gets too warm in the house they can be awakened and travel to light. I was repulsed.

I found an article released by the department of agriculture on September 15th of this year confirming that the new bug has indeed become a huge problem for commercial growers and homeowners alike in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. These pesky crunchable foreigners eat leaves and plants and they devour fruit bearing trees leaving brown rings as proof of their destructive presence. Agricultural warfare! Makes one raise an eyebrow in stark suspicion... They are resistant to chemicals and apparently the only way to get rid of them is to weather strip and caulk the house so they don't get in to begin with. So if they make their way into your home, you are basically at war with a stink bug army. Lastly if scared, cornered or squashed they release a hugely offensive odor that can leave a room uninhabitable until cleared. Some people are even allergic to the odor. Needless to say - Increased Repulsion!

Landlord is on the way tomorrow! No sleep for me tonight... Instead I'll be standing guard at my patio door armed with my broom (aka long-handled swatter). We have enough pests, bugs and insects in this country... Now China is dropping off their unwanted legged creatures! What next...Sheesh!

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