Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day of Thanks...

Sometimes when I close my eyes and space and time have decided to simultaneously grant me peace there is silence. Real silence. Not the kind where there is only a lack of noise. But also a silence where there are no thoughts. No decisions. No consclusions, confusions, missed activities, past regrets, unrequited loves, unappreciated works, unmatched efforts. Sometimes, there is true silence. And I am grateful for that silence.

Sometimes there is a breeze so subtle that only the most exterior layer of my skin catches it’s existence. And when I smile to acknowledge its presence, the Sun kisses my forehead with pride. Proud that I didn’t miss one of nature’s finest examples that it is indeed in tune with my contentment. I am grateful too for the ability to recognize that moment…

Sometimes you meet someone who means so much to you that you forget to categorize them. And times too when you remeet someone that you wish you hadn’t unmet, and I am cognizant of destiny’s grace. A chance to say I’m sorry or we could’ve done this better. I am aware that do-overs are only given to a select few. I am grateful to be among those granted second chances….

Sometimes I look up from work and the clock reminds me that it’s time for the Sun’s slumber and I have not once in that day enjoyed the kiss of warmth on my skin. I have concentrated and focused right through any opportunity of sunlight… But then when I emerge from the building full of ideas and structure I walk into an evening of glorious clarity. An evening that rewards me for my dedication to forwardness… I am grateful for nature’s kind acceptance of my omission. It still rewards me with it’s beauty…I am grateful for that patience.

For laughter. For love. For God’s Grace…. I am thankful.