Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I've heard now on more than one occasion that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. And while I see how that makes perfect sense I at times believe that this goes directly against the age old...if at first you dont succeed try, try again. Something I was spoon fed in school at home and in church.

Maybe I shouldn't be confused by these contradictory statements. Becoming an adult has meant practicing and deciphering when these simple truths should take precedence in my life. I should know as a grown woman when I should give something a little more effort and when I need to learn to let go. I'll be the first to admit however, that this is a lesson that I not only struggle with, but sometimes dread. I have come to appreciate constants in my life. My career, my core group of friends, my love. However, it has become imperative for me to learn that change is not only necessary, it is required.

In order to grow into the woman that I know God wants me to be, I have to allow myself to change. And the relationships that I make constant need to be with people who allow me to be someone who has the flexibility to grow. I don't mean that the core of you should change, but actions, behaviors, people and places are all quite naturally and sometimes easily outgrown. We hold on to these things and try to make them constants instead of accepting that they may not be ours to keep.

So while I do believe it imperative to never give up on your loved ones or your dreams, know when you are driving yourself insane. Don't be afraid to be the part of the equation that changes. You may be surprised at how tweeking something as small as your own attitude can result in exactly the outcome you were aiming for.


Wynter said...

Ok wow..this is great. A lot of food for thought and so well written. I love beautiful sentences and you have quite a few in there! Loving it!

Anonymous said...

hey girl, talk about a profoundly timely blog. thanks for the clarity on stuff i've been thinking about and yup, change is inevitable.