Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More September Woes

I'm trying to remember what started this whirlwind of drama this month and I couldn't even begin to tell you. I'll just say that I'm awful glad that this month is more than half over. I was reading a friend's blog yesterday and she described a beautiful city scene...one that made me go out today and take a look at Baltimore with new eyes. I was appreciating the rush, the individuality, the candor. I was falling in love with what I enjoy about city living all over again. And then I was reminded of the other side of life in the heart of the city...just that quickly.

Today was hectic from the very beginning. I came into work thinking that I was making a trip to Philadelphia to have one of my newer borrowers sign paperwork. We can always send fedex, but my manager believes that when you sit down with a borrower and they can put a face to a name, it gives them a reason to send you referrals. And so far, he has been absolutely right. So, for the cause - I was driving to Philly. But then he canceled because of a "supposed" dentist appointment. Sometime between a coworker of mine passing out, the ambulance arriving, my borrower calling back to say he canceled his dentist appointment so please still come and the phone calls and faxes - I knew the day was taking me places that I wasn't quite sure I was ready for.

Now I have to go back to Sunday for a moment. My family and bff were watching the Colts pull a win over the Titans when this random man just looked in my living room window and asked for someone named Charles???? Seriously??? Who is Charles? I've lived on the block for going on two years now and never met a Charles. And since when did knocking on the door become obsolete? Regardless, we went back to watching the game, but something about his presence at my window made me incredibly uneasy. I became increasingly more concerned as I watched him walk by the window four more times. Finally, my Uncle went to the front door to let him know with some finality that he had the wrong house and he needed to move it along. I was nervous.

The week before, I went to take the garbage out and the lock on my back wooden gate was just GONE? Not broken...not bent...GONE? HUH? Who takes locks? Whatever.

Two days ago my next door neighbor was changing his locks.

I left work and stopped by my house to change my clothes and pick up driving music, I was on my way to pick up my bff who was taking the trip with me. When I got to the door my Uncle told me that the office called. Surprise, surprise..Mr. Redwine canceled again. Seriously?? OK. I'm not driving to Philadelphia tomorrow. We are fedexing the paperwork, I'm completely done with that. Since I had some time on my hands and hand't technically eaten lunch I figured Takiyah and I could run downtown (ahh city living) and grab a quick bite before I went back to the office.

Unfortunately we realized when it was too late that Babalu's was a Cuban restaurant (Takiyah hates any food with Latin or Spanish influence...especially after our accident labor day weekend - go figure!) We made the best of it, just laughed at the pictures of Ricky Ricardo on the wall and the attempt at bread pudding. It was awful!! Walking back to the car the cell phone rang. Granny. Break-In. Police. Hurry Home. Seriously??

I got back to my house to find EVERYTHING in tact. Nothing missing, no one hurt. Apparently after I left to eat my grandmother and uncle left to run errands. The person asking for Charles had been staking out my house and my neighbors (yup those same neighbors) caught him and two of his cronies on my back porch trying to break into my house. People still burglarize? Like actually take things that don't belong to them? That is so early 90's! My Uncle defending the homefront found the guilty party and put a scare into him. I don't think they'll be coming back. But these same delirious three, had the nerve to walk back through the block after being LET GO by the police. That's right. I said LET GO. Apparently, an arrest can not be made unless they are caught INSIDE the house. So, I would have to walk downstairs mid robbery and risk my life in order for someone to be prosecuted. Cute. Once again, Baltimore's finest to the rescue!

I probably shouldn't be so smug. Nothing was taken and no one was hurt. But I am growing numb at this point. And I really am much to afraid to ask what else could go wrong?! I'm just going to be thankful that the Lord is my Shepard. I'm going to keep on believing that he has all things in his care. It seems that after I acknowledged that God is in control, he is doing all he can to test me to ensure that I won't change my mind. I won't. Whatever happens, I'm still alright. Still here to tell about it. And there's always a positive. At least my Uncle was here to help, I would've been scared to pieces to be in here all by myself tonight. But the fam is here and my neighbors were there to make lots of calls to the police in time. So thank you Lord that everything ended as safely as it did, I'm definitely NOT being ungrateful.

But still, I really could stand to have a boring October...Seriously.


Passionate & Purposed said...

Makes u just wanna roll your eyes real real EXTRA hard and be like 'k. CUTE. Now can we go back to real life, please??? Minus the dramatics???' But of course - who talks to God like that?

Jenn Jenn said...

See? I am right there and understand all of that... Sounds like what happen to my dad's house. Someone came by one day and asked for someone named Donna. The next day the house was broken into. and then just a couple of weeks ago, it was broken into again!!! Its just crazy.. Whatever you do Shaneia, don't dare "Daddy"... (thinking about Wynter's blog entry)...