Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Personal Rules...

Ok, so I've apparently been tagged by one of my fellow bloggies and it is now my job to list the things that make me tick. I have been thinking long and hard about these things since yesterday morning and I've found that as easy going as I thought I was there really are a lot of things that seriously get on my nerves. I have selected the ones that I can share:

1. While taking care of my pertinent BI, I absolutely hate to be asked to hold for more than two minutes. If the automated voice tells me that I'll hold any longer than that I consider it an insult to my time....which I already have very little of. Wouldn't it instead be much nicer to advise the caller that the lines are extremely busy and it may be beneficial to call back at a later date...or assign certain accounts to cerain reps so that I always have someone to reach directly. I don't mind leaving a message, that rep can then just return my call after they have resolved my issue.

2. When going out for a cocktail I think it extremely rude to be handed a glass without the option of a straw...even if the beverage is a brew. Have you ever seen how they "wash" dishes in a restaurant, especially at the bar...the tender simply dumps the glasses in soapy water and then dumps them again in warm water. Not hardly what I would consider clean.

3. Because I work with borrowers all over the country it is very important that I am accessible by phone most all times so that my clients can reach me. With that being said, when I make a phone appointment, it is exactly that, an appointment. Nothing enrages me more than taking a lengthy application from someone who really does need a loan and then go back to call them to talk about numbers and they have decided to either be late for our conversation or simply skip it altogether. It takes diligence and research to find the necessary products and programs for those interested in refinancing or buying homes. If I make it my business to do the research FOR YOU, then please make it yours to keep the appointment.

4. Belching is only a compliment in China. Please don't burp at my American table without excusing yourself.

5. Powertrippers are at the absolute bottom of the totem pole.

6. Making out in public is so unnecessary...ever heard of the term "behind closed doors"..and can you please tell me why holding hands is not affection enough. I believe that those who do all that heavy showing off in public have the absolute dryest sex lives in private. It's true.

7. If you own a business it does not give your children free reign to run through the establishment as though they are home. I wish my nail lady read this. PROFESSIONALISM, is it dead people?

8. Music, like food, is a matter of preference not cultural loyalty. If an artist and I have the same skin color, it does not require me to buy his album.

9. Extremely long fingernails went out with SWV.

10. I absolutely do love my elders but I am a firm believer that they should only drive between the hours of 10am and 2pm. I am not about to quote an age limit but if the only errands that you have are the pharmacy and the grocery store...then please do that while I'm at work so that I dont have to drive behind you as you take the scenic route on the highway after I've been working all day. And I say that with the utmost respect.

And Finally, Barnes and Noble is a haven. Kids, please wait for the movie to start someplace else, like maybe the arcade or the ice cream parlor. Since when did middle school kids start drinking Mocha Frapaccino. And College Kids, buy your textbooks and keep it moving...its not a hang out. You've taken over everywhere else. I am putting a flag up at the book store....this one belongs to the adults. (Not that I don't encourage youngsters to read...just can you go to the library??)

Wow that felt good. I'll stop here, but the funny thing is I really could go on. I'm a very positive person, but this really has started the wheels turning.

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